Year 2 information for play auditions

Hi all,


Please find below the words and song to practise for your play audition.



I’m all alone and I can’t find my family anywhere.  Oh please can you help me to find my constellation?


Song: Stella's Song 


Stella the starfish, tell us your story,

how did you come here, where are you from?

You look so lonely, where is your family?

You look so sad. Where do you belong?


(Stella sings solo)

I was up in the bay where I often would play.

But a crashing wave hit me and washed me away.


Verse 2 (Stella sings-solo)

Then as I tumbled I couldn't see and bubbles were rushing over my head.

When the wave passed I found myself holding onto a conch shell on the sea bed.


Please listen to the attached file for the music


Have a nice half term


Year 2 team