Sheffield Virtual School Games

Class: Mice Year: 2019 - 2020

Hi Dobcroft,

I hope that you have enjoyed taking part in the Sheffield Virtual School Games challenges.  Today is your last day to complete the challenges and submit your scores onto the website:

We've had lots of fun challenging ourselves with them this week in school, and some of us have tried again and again and are going to try again next week to see if we can beat our scores.

Today I'd like to challenge you to complete (or even have another go) at the creative challenge and plank challenge!

Creative challenge:

Create a brand new game using household objects that you can play with your family today or over the weekend.  You can use anything that you have in your house and be as creative as you can.

 You can write up or draw your idea and submit it to the Sheffield Virtual Games Website and also tweet it to us or email myself or your class teacher.  You can also tweet it using the #SheffieldSchoolsGetActive to submit it via twitter.  If you wish you could take a picture of you and your family playing your game.


Plank Challenge: Plank for Points

Plank for as long as you can for a maximum for 3 minutes using the same position as you will find demonstrated on the website.  Use an exercise of yoga mat for comfort.  Remember to keep your back flat and don't stick you bum in the air!

Record how long you can plank for and submit your score to the website.


I hope you enjoy the challenges and have enjoyed keeping active.

Miss Sutherland