As you will be aware we have embedded the TASC thinking skills into our learning. Here is some information about TASC:


TASC stands for 'Thinking Actively in a Social Context'.
The Key aims:  
*    To Develop skills of research, investigation and problem solving that can be used across the        
*    To develop a positive sense of self as an active learner.
*    To develop their strengths, exploring and using the full range of their human abilities.
*    To develop skill of self assessment.
The children use the elements of the TASC wheel to support this learning:
*    Gather and Organise.
*    Identify
*    Generate
*    Decide
*    Implement
*    Evaluate
*    Communicate
*    Learn from Experience.
At Dobcroft, we are developing the use of TASC in every classroom.

The TASC wheel is on every classroom wall as a guide to the children's work and ideas.  Each section represents a part of the process of planning, completion and evaluation.  
Ideas are discussed and shared and then the children set off to start their task.  The children plan their work to give themselves a framework for the task they are completing.  TASC gives children the confidence to share ideas without fear of embarrassment or getting it wrong.

This is one child's planning for the heroes and villains theme, where the children were using Design and Technology skills to make a soft toy.  
The photo of the finished article is added to compare with the drawing. There is space to look at how well it went, what we did great and what we might change.
The teaching staff help the children make notes on their work for future reference.  Reflection is a key part of the learning process.

Dobcroft Infant School is providing TASC training to other education professionals in other schools.  

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