Move More

Hi all,

Throughout the month of June Sheffield has been engagaed in a Move More Month.  This has been Sheffield's physical activity plan that aims to transform Sheffield into the most acitve city in the UK by 2020.  The world we all live in doesn't make being physically active very easy; in fact, it’s easier to move less than it is to Move More!

The catalyst for Move More was the establishment of the National Centre of Sport and Exercise Medicine (NCSEM), which is an Olympic Legacy programme. The objective of the NCSEM in Sheffield is to create a culture of physical activity to improve the population's health.

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There have been lots of exciting things happening in school as we have worked towards ensuring that DIS is moving forward to becoming an increasingly active school.  

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The first of these has been the school yard challenge.  We were luckily selected for all of KS1 to particpate in the Move More Schoolyard challenge this year alongside a variety of schools within Sheffield.  This challenge ran throughout the month of June and encouraged children to be more active by gaining 'tags'.  This involved them tagging a braclet that was linked to their class to a box.  These tags were all registered and collected onto a database.  These tags were used during the Daily Mile, PE lessons, active break times and lessons.  As a result of this the children have become more acitve during lesson and break time.  

Secondly, we have also participated in the city wide Move More Day where we challenged ourselves to be as active as possible during the school day.  As part of this we set the children a challenge to run 160 miles as a school (this is as far as our school to London).  We actually managed to run 260 miles which is as far to Torquay! We also had active lessons, creating our own games and even had a stand up assembly!

We were so active during the school yard challenge that we even placed 3rd one week amongst all the schools taking part!

We have loved using this springboard to encourage our children to be more active in school and we'd love for you to do the same over school in the summer.  Please keep checking back to our sports page in the new school year for tips that you can use to help keep your child active.

Miss Sutherland

PE Co-ordinator